Friday, 4 March 2011


Brief: To create a title sequence and opening scene of a new film.

Genre: Action Thriller

Target Audience: 15+ both male and female

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of real life media products?
When doing the research and planning for our title sequence, we made sure that we would follow all the codes and conventions of the genre that we decided to choose for our title sequence. We did this by researching on lots of different films.

During our title sequence we wanted to make the audience want to carry on watching, so this is why we left the ending on a cliffhanger and making the audience think who is the kidnapper? I feel that to follow the conventions of an action thriller we need to give little pieces of information away at a time to give a sense of mystery. Some of the elements of an action thriller are dark, spine-chilling, restlessness and discomfort. I feel that we incorporated all of these elements into our title sequence and doing so we created a successful narrative to our title sequence. By creating these elements within our film we used different camera shots and editing process like such things as our split screen. This was done so that we could show two clips at once and would also suggest that our kidnapper has a split personality. Our group sat down and talked about what we wanted to call our title sequence, we wanted something that wouldn’t give too much away but yet still gave clues to the audience on what might happen. This is when we decided that we was going to have one word that associated with “Kidnap” this is when “Seized” was then created. I believe that our title sequence looked professional and was really successful when finally completed.

Who would be the audience for your media product? How does your media product represent particular social groups?
We decided to target our title sequence at people 15+ both male and female.  We decided to do this as we felt that there would be no restrictions on what we could or couldn't include in our title sequence. We also decided to aim in at 15+ audience because if we didn't do this then we would have had to be very careful on what we could include in the narrative as kidnap is a very sensitive subject. Another reason why we targeted this audience was that we felt that the young people love films that show energy and excitement within films and it would appeal to them largely. We used young people of a similar age to your target audience in this film to appeal to the audience more. having actors the same age as our target audience will make them realize that this does happen to people and can raise awareness and make sure that they are being careful on what they do in there everyday yo day routines.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
After doing a lot of research on different types of media institutions and different films and who they are distributed, we decided that we would want a institution that is going to be well recognized with our title sequences genre. after a lot of thought and trying looking at various other films we decided that we was going to use "Lionsgate". We decide that they have great experience with action thriller genre films and that they would be the best choice for us. They have distributed films such as "American Psycho" and "Saw". Lionsgate have two different introductions to films , both have the cogs turn inside the gates, however when the gates open one has clouds behind the Lionsgate where as the other has red, dark clouds. we decided to use the one with dark, red clouds as this is the one that is mostly used on thriller films.

How did you attract/address your audience?
We decided that we wanted to create a title sequence that no one has ever seen before so that they would immediately be drawn to watching the rest of the film. We then started by exploring different camera shots, music and transitions and how they would come across within the film. By having someone of a similar age to the target audience we found that this would be able to relate to the audience and they would know how the young girl was feeling.Being able to relate to a film with draw them back in to watch the rest of the film.

What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?
Having used video camera's before but not in such a sophisticated way, we straight away realized that we would have to be careful making sure that the title sequence ran smoothly. this allowed me to learn a lot more about the cameras functions. Also only having used iMovie in the past, when it came to using Final Cut Pro i was quite reluctant on how i would do using it. Once we got started and learnt the basics of the programme it all started to become a lot easier and we was exploring and finding new and quicker ways of completing things.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
Form the preliminary task to the full product i have learnt lots of new and useful skills. One of the most important skills that i feel that i have learnt is time management and how to use the time we had efficiently. We had lots of deadlines that we had given ourselves and we wanted to make sure this was done so that we  could finish out title sequence and make sure that everything was completed that we need to. Another thing that i have learnt is the importance of having a storyboard. Without having a storyboard we would have not been able to keep up with what we wanted to include in our title sequence and may even had forgotten to include an important element in our title sequence. I have also learnt that there can be many obstacles filming on the open street, such as people walking past, cars driving past and animals. although this does not sound like a big problem it is when its wasting the time and ruining the shots and continuity of the title sequence.

Overall i feel that we have created a professional title sequence that has followed the codes and conventions of a title sequence. I also feel that with all the research we done before hand it helped us portray the narrative through and has exceeded all expectations on how our finished product would look. 

Our Final Title Sequence

Friday, 11 February 2011


This is some feedback that we got back from people that have watched our title sequence. The majority of our feedback was positive and complemented our title sequence. We have not needed to change anything in our title sequence as we have had great feedback from everyone.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


In todays lesson we created a questionnaire and are going to screen our title sequence and ask for feed back on the title sequence, we also uploaded screen shots of the editing process.  Now we are just doing finishing touches on our blogs! :) xx

Screenshots of Editing!

These are a few screenshots we took while we were editing our footage.

After filming the footage we had to upload everything that we had on the camera so we could then decide what parts of the footage we wanted to keep. This was done by attaching the video camera to the macs via a usb cable and then importing all the footage.

The first thing that we decided to do was to upload our film distributer , we decided to add this on to our title sequence to make it look more authentic and we decided that LIONSGATE was a distributer that would fit with our film as it haas done many other horror/thriller films.

We decided after picking the font that we wanted that we wanted it to jump quickly around the page, we didn't want this to be too drastic but just slight movements. We did this by first of all having to download the font that we wanted and then cutting the sequence up into little pieces and then moving the text a little bit on each one. We done this because it felt and looked deranged just like our main character.

This is our Production logo that was designed, we felt that this wasn't to heavy and bold but felt light and had a sense of ease towards it, which i feel does not give to much away about our film.
We decided that we wanted to fade in and fade out some shots so that it didn't look as harsh and flows a lot better within the sequence.

This is were we was editing footage that we had filmed.

This is also editing the footage we had filmed.

This is when we uploaded the music that we chose for our title sequence.  We spent along time choosing the music as we felt it was a big part in setting the scene in the title sequence so we wanted to make sure that we got it right.
This is the screenshot of when our title sequence was completely finished :)  

Audience Response Questionnaire

We have decided to screen our title sequence and give out a questionnaire to receive some feed back from people about how effective our title sequence is.

Final Typography!

This was the font that we decided to use for our title sequence, we found this certain font on a website called Picnik. We then downloaded the font so it was on the macs so it was easier to use. We found that this font worked well with our title sequence as it looks good in white on a black background and is bold. We feel that this font represents the stalker/kidnapper within our a film as the font has bits coming off of it with which relate to decaying like our character who has a sense of decaying mentally.